The Ways to Use AHAs

Alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs help to improve the appearance of skin in two ways;  moisturizing and exfoliating.  AHAs function differently based upon the pH level of the formulation. When used as a moisturizer, the pH level is higher than 4.0. At this level, AHAs help to increase the water content of skin making it softer, smoother and more flexible.  

Alternatively as an exfoliant, the most effective pH level is 4.0. This is the level where AHAs begin to dissolve the glue-like bonds that hold dead cells to the surface. This stimulates cellular renewal and regeneration and allows newer, fresher cells to emerge. Products with a pH level of 3.5 or below can be too irritating and may leave skin feeling dry and tight.

We live and breathe AHAs everyday, but most people do not realize the importance of the pH level in skin care formulas. AHAs are extremely effective ingredients, and we feel it is important to know how they function in a product. Products like Alpha Skin Care put the percentage of AHA and the pH level on the box, we’re proud of our product formulation and stand by our years in supporting your skin care regiment. Be a savvy consumer. Next time you are shopping for skin care products, be sure to look at the pH level. It will help you to know what products are best for you.

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3 thoughts on “The Ways to Use AHAs”

  1. I have roscea. My face has red bumps and ruddiness all the time. I stumbled onto your cleanser and tried it. I am almost out of my 1st bottle and my skin is clear and blemish free. It is also moisturized and not dry like before. I have used tons of products over the years, but nothing has given me the results that this cleanser has. I love it. You need to market it to Dermatologists. They gave me other products to use that were not this good.

    1. We are very happy to hear that Alpha Hydrox worked so well for you in helping to treat your roscea. Our cleanser is soap free and pH balanced. Both are important features of a good cleanser. Soap free and pH balanced means a cleanser is gentle and will not leave your skin dry or tight. We really try to be make products that will make your skin look and feel better.

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